“We have know-how and we are well-equipped to provide complete technical solutions”

Process development is not an end into itself – it is established to satisfy clear objectives: best in quality and best in value towards your and our competitiveness.

Our manufacturing engineering team optimizes all of our production processes, developing new resources while focusing on cost-reduction besides optimization and changes to existing processes, new technologies and processes, as well as, new materials and trends play a significant role in our R&D process. This way we stay innovative, flexible and economically reasonable - “your production is our benchmark”.

A car interior contains a large number of injection moulded thermoplastic parts. The manufacture of functional decorated eye contact parts, is a specialty of the IBER-OLEFF. We are capable of producing high quality parts in serial production, whether the program volumes is large or small. Each part is the culmination of many thermoplastic injection, decorative and assembly operations.

In addition to decorative parts, the IBER-OLEFF also manufactures functional modules, using multi-component injection moulding technology. To give these very high-quality character, various plastics with different degrees of softness and surface characteristics are integrated in one part - “the dynamic expert for kinematic modules”.

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