“IBER-OLEFF has always maintained commitment on superior quality for functional engineering technical plastic components”

Commitment to quality is absolute. Compliance with some of the world´s most stringent quality requirements demands that products undergo rigorous checks using sophisticated inspection and testing techniques. In order to respond to that requisite, IBER-OLEFF has several laboratory dimensional and inspection equipments and technologies in order to inspect and ensure all product´s quality requirements.

Our ethos is that “quality is in-built” to all activities and disciplines of our business and is a fundamental requirement of participation in our industries. Constant quality monitoring and continuous improvements guarantee the highest standards of quality.

In terms of certification, we offer certified quality and environmental management according to the ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 requirements. We continuously survey and monitor all processes through our quality management system and we train continually our production workers.

Apart from quality and environmental management certification, we are recognized by some OEMs and Tier1 customers as an accredited supplier, e.g.: FORD, BOSCH, BMW, DELPHI, CONTINENTAL, VOLKSWAGEN, SEAT, McLAREN and MITSUBISHI TRUCKS EUROPE.

IBER-OLEFF Certificates:


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